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Join us to celebrate the unmatched

talent, elegance and athleticism of

the horses of Spain & Portugal,

known as The Horse of Kings! 



October 19-20, 2024


Address:  1390 NW 80th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34482

The NEW Dressage Arena

Ocala, Florida


IBERIAN CUP -  The Iberian Horse Showcase presents the Iberian Cup, now in its third year, which will be held during the regular USEF dressage show (October 19-20). Exhibitors will be rewarded at the following levels: 

$1000.00 FEI 5 Year Old:

FEI 5 Year Old Preliminary Open USEF Class

FEI 5 Year Old Final   Open USEF Class          


$1000.00 FEI 6 Year Old:

FEI 6 Year Old Preliminary   USEF Open Class

FEI 6 Year Old Final    USEF Open Class


$2000.00 FEI Small Tour:

Prix St. George Open Class

Intermediare I Freestyle Open Class


$3000.00 FEI Big Tour

Grand Prix Open Class

GP Freestyle Open Class




—All competition classes will take place during the regular show schedule (see prizelist), and will be judged by USEF judges. Be sure to notify the show office that you intend your scores to be used for the Iberian Cup PRIOR to competition. USEF FEI classes may be offered more than once, and any dedicated class at the levels will qualify. FEI Test of Choice classes will be allowed only if the dedicated class is not available.


—The Challenge is open to Iberian horses only, documented by breed papers. There is no age limit for horses participating in the Small or Large Tour levels.


—Preliminary scores and Final scores for the exhibition classes will be totaled to determine winners. Each score is worth 50% of the total.


—A Champion and Reserve Champion in each division will be pinned. The Awards Ceremony is mandatory and will be held on Sunday afternoon. All riders must be present in show clothes.


Prize money will be awarded:


$1000.00 Champion 5 Year Old

$500.00 Reserve Champion 5 Year Old

$1000.00 Champion 6 Year Old

$500.00 Reserve Champion 6 Year Old

$2000.00 Champion Prix St. George

$500.00 Reserve Champion PSG

$3000.00 Champion Grand Prix

$1000.00 Reserve Champion Grand Prix




Sponsored by:
Hampton Green Farm



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